SunBet Poker Tour Time Square Wrap-Up

February 26, 2024
The Main Event was the highlight of the tournament, and it was won by Giovanni Zanette, who walked away with a cool R2 million in prize money.

But Zanette wasn’t the only player to have a successful run at the SunBet Poker Tour Time Square. Alan Jung turned his R800 satellite win into an impressive R1 million for his second-place finish in the Main Event. The tournament also featured several other exciting events, with Nahum Lum winning the Semi Freeze, Alexi Phillipou taking down the BOOM-BOOM 50K PLO5, Djordje Stojic claiming victory in the 10K NLHE, and Muaaz Gani coming out on top in the High Roller event.

Other notable winners included Steven Radloff in the Little Slam, Ahmed Karrim in the Super High Roller, Jayden Cohen in the SA Club Championship, and Nic Zakhem, who won the Mega Million David ‘Bozo’ Rosenthal Memorial. Sugen Singh had an impressive showing at the tournament, making it to two final tables.

Overall, the SunBet Poker Tour Time Square was a great success, bringing together some of the best players in the game for a thrilling competition. Congratulations to all the winners, and we can’t wait to see what the SunBet Poker Tour has in store for us in the future!

Time Square prize pool: Over R14 million:

  • Main Event winner - Giovanni Zannete
  • Semi Freeze winner - Nahum Lum
  • BOOM-BOOM 50K PLO5 winner - Alexi Phillipou
  • 10K NLHE winner - Djordje Stojic
  • High Roller winner - Muaaz Gani
  • Little Slam winner - Steven Radloff
  • Super High Roller winner - Ahmed Karrim
  • SA Club Championship winner -Jayden Cohen
  • Mega Million David ‘Bozo’ Rosenthal Memorial winner - Nic Zakhem
  • Most final tables: Sugen Singh – 2 final tables

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